Holistic Lyme Disease Coach & Healing Expert

Suzen is the Premier Holistic Lyme Disease Coach and Healing Expert

Holistic Lyme Disease Coach Suzen speaks the truth and her knowledge as a Healing Expert is expansive and hard-earned. She has crafted a plan for me that centers on managing nutrition, minimizing exposure to environmental toxins, and practicing mindfulness – and to say it has been restorative would be an understatement. I’ve tried a lot in the last 10+ years and never before seen this kind of progress.   

Vanessa Cramer

After working with Holistic Lyme Disease Coach and Healing Expert Suzen, I now have a sense of peace and calmness I haven't experienced in many years. At first I expected to go back to the anxiety, etc. and so there was this apprehension and doubt. But, as the days have turned into weeks and longer, I believe this is here to stay. As I'm sure you understand, this is the biggest blessing in my life today. I am learning more and more to live in the moment and not worry about what the next day, hour or minute will hold. Each day has it's own challenges but I am handling them much better with time progressing.             

Darlene Daniels  

Holistic Lyme Disease Coach and Healing Expert Suzen's resilience in her own story is a gift for which I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be inspired by.  Her knowledge and hope were continually focused toward our recovery from neurological lyme disease and was a key factor in our recovery.   We did not learn what she taught us anywhere else.  She opened up her kitchen demonstrated much needed nutritional support which was so important to our recovery along with many other important detox methods. My daughters and I will always remain thankful for her generous knowledge and heartfelt support, the precious gifts from Suzen.   

Staci O'Neil 

As the premier Holistic Lyme Disease Coach and Healing Expert, Suzen is compassionate and knowledgeable having walked the walk. Suzen is amazing with practical Insight in dealing with this sickness     

J. Morris

We have finally been able to move back into a home after Lyme and mold toxicity rendered our family so ill we had to live in a tent due to sensitivities. Holistic Lyme Disease Coach Suzen's patient guidance as a Healing Expert regarding nutrition, lifestyle and herbal solutions helped us recover when all seemed lost.

Christine Robins

After struggling with ineffective standard medical prescriptions and homeopathic treatments for months, I was at my absolute worst.  Suzen's strategies as a Holistic Lyme Disease Coach and Healing Expert provided the transformational change for my personalized recovery that I was looking for.  Working with Suzen was well worth the time, effort and money.  She is a lifesaver.

Robin Queen


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