Holistic Lyme Disease Coach & Healing Expert

Holistic Lyme Disease Coach and Healing Expert -- Suzen Chan, HCCP, ADDP



I am Suzen Chan, 63, and I am living a vibrantly healthy life today.

But that was not always the case.   I have been where you are now, struggling with the darkest days of full disability from Lyme disease.   With a prognosis that at 55, I would never work again and spend the rest of my days writhing in bedridden pain, I decided to heal myself by applying decades of holistic knowledge and healing expertise.  

As the Holistic Lyme Disease Coach I now share those healing secrets with you.


Holistic Lyme Disease Coach Suzen speaks the truth and her knowledge as a Healing Expert is expansive and hard-earned. She has crafted a plan for me that centers on managing nutrition, minimizing exposure to environmental toxins, and practicing mindfulness – and to say it has been restorative would be an understatement. I’ve tried a lot in the last 10+ years and never before seen this kind of progress.   

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Einstein said if you change the electrical field or you change the magnetic field, you change the way the atom behaves

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner 

Integrated Nutrition Health Coach

Cards of Truth Ayurvedic Divination 

Feng Shui Consultant  


Detox and Rejuvenation Specialist 

Colon Hydrotherapy    

Licensed Therapeutic Massage

Upledger Cranial-Sacral   

Vortex Energy Therapy 



Gestalt Bio-Energetic Therapy  

Fire Walker  KaliShee  

Mastery University  

Leadership Academy 


Certified Hypnotherapist

Past Life Regression


EFT Tapping

Pastoral Counseling



Body Code 


Aromatherapy Essential Oils  

Flower Essences  

Diamond Palm Energetic Healing, Tibet, China  

Alchemical Studies, Czech Republic  

Public Policy, Trinity College


Better Solutions for a Better Life

take the mystery out of healing


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Chronic illness is the activator for a new healing paradigm for people 

who believe the answer lies within

who are willing to do the work

who seek valuable information on 

exactly how to get healthy while saving

time, money and effort 

by working with an inspirational expert who has walked this path.  

As the Holistic Lyme Disease Coach and Healing Expert, 

Suzen provides 

Better Solutions for a Better Life.


I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I first spoke to Suzen and hired her as my Lyme Health Coach. So much in my life has changed. I was able to apply her ideas and suggestions to my every day life with positive results. The symptoms from neurological Lyme are gone! The crippling anxiety I had for 20+ years is gone!  All because Suzen took her own experiences with Lyme and used it to help others. I am so grateful to this wonderful woman. She fought a hard road back to health and so she knew how to best help me. I always say if a person hasn’t been in your shoes, they can’t truly help you. It’s wonderful to have my life back. I am not only able to have a better life for myself, but take care of my husband, who had a stroke. I feel stronger and more at peace than I’ve ever been in the last 25 years. Thank you, Suzen, from the bottom of my heart. May God Bless what you endeavor to do. Sincerely,

 Darlene Daniels