Holistic Health Coach & Healing Expert

You want a Holistic Health Coach who has been there and done that

When the answer means the world.

You want a Holistic Healing Expert to guide you saving time, money and energy.

You are a woman who wants the mystery of healing replaced with the ability to take control over your own health.

You Live Life Your Way!

You're not bossy - You Are The Boss!

You have listened to countless authorities, tried every treatment prescribed, only to fall back into the depths of pain and despair over and over, as you watch the precious moments of your life waste away.

You desire to join in again on family functions, parties, events, get back to work and go on vacations!

You want Better Solutions to a Better Life.

You want out of bed. You want the pain-spasm-pain cycle of blinding headaches, memory fog, confusion, depression, vomiting, neuralgic numbness & tingling, restless leg syndrome, joint pains, IBS, gas & bloating, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, vertigo, anxiety, depression, crying jags, insomnia, blurry vision, floaters, edema, heart arrhythmia, congested lungs, choking, coughing, difficulty swallowing, bells palsy, rashes, itching, weight gain or loss, stuttering, isolation, social paranoia, hair loss, everyday tasks are massively overwhelming...and more - you want all of that to go away!

You want your vibrant life back!

Yes. You can recover your fine health with basic lifestyle and nutritional changes, Mother Nature's remedies, common sense and commitment.

You will receive much needed support here.   I understand your pain and will not judge you.

Here you will learn the real reason Lyme is sticking around and how to turn that disability upside-down.


After struggling with ineffective standard medical prescriptions and homeopathic treatments, I was at my absolute worst.  Suzen's strategies as a Holistic Lyme Disease Coach and Healing Expert provided the transformational change for my personalized recovery that I was looking for.  Working with Suzen was well worth the time, effort and money.  She is a lifesaver.

Robin Queen

Better Solutions for a Better Life