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If You Wear out your body * where will you live

I will instruct you and teach you In the way you should go; I will Counsel you and watch over you


Psalm 32:8

Recent reports claim 300,000 people a year are struck down by 

Lyme disease and Co-Infections

This rising epidemic involves astronomical costs in lost 

health, wealth, joy, 

happiness and productivity

With so many falling ill 

and lost within 

the present medical protocol

 the future seems bleak

There ARE answers

Recovery IS possible

The answers are simple 

but they are not always easy

Listen to Suzen share her personal experience of recovery from 

Lyme disease 

against all odds 

she would ever work 


 It was a long road with many lessons

Something here within these pages 

will aid you 

in your own recovery

Multi-Modality Therapeutic Healer, Coach,Teacher, Counselor, Author, Speaker




therapeutic healing 

 USA, Czech Republic, Tibet, China, Bali weaving together 

 a dynamically advanced  therapeutic healing system

This kind of dedication and wisdom

 is very rare


Every step of the way 

I will be there

 holding your hand

guiding you 

with my deep knowledge 

as your body 

starts to 


Lose the 

muscle aches



 unwanted weight



 memory fog

 blood sugar surges

 numbness and tingling

 thinning hair

 dry skin


 lack-luster glow


 You will find knowledge 

which goes 

well beyond 

what you usually find 

in a 

practitioner, teacher or workshop leader

 No problem nor question 

is to big 

for support 

along this journey  

Dedication and passion 

are the driving forces


for this work



your wellness journey

Chronic Illness Resolution


Chronic illness is the activator 

paving the way 

for a new healing paradigm


calling to those 

who believe the answer lies within

calling to those 

who are willing to do the work

calling to those 

who seek valuable information

 on exactly 

how to get healthy

calling to those 

who want to save 

time, money and effort 

with expert advice  

from one who has walked their path


and found success

calling to those  

who desire to receive

 inspiration along their journey

calling to those 

who feel the surge rise within 

 to reclaim their health, vitality 

and brilliance 




Imagine you are way out in the ocean in a little boat during a very bad storm. Your boat is being tossed about, to and fro, rain is bringing water in everywhere, it is dark and you are alone and frightened

Now imagine Suzen arriving with her lifeboat during this very dark, bad storm and pulling up beside your boat.  She is here to hold onto your boat as you ride out the storm together - each in your own boat

You will be guided safely back to shore over the path successfully proven and shown to others 

Set foot on terra firma with renewed faith, trust, compassion and knowing that all will be well

Become inspired!

Conquer those rough patches, plateaus and roadblocks which arise on a raw food journey challenging us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

Engaging techniques such as herbs, fasting, detox, exercise, gut health and more serve to help accelerate and attain the desired health goal

Applied practices of peace, lightness and courage brings relief to burden, depression, melancholy

Soul purity achieved thereby a cleansed soul

Prayer, like radium, is a luminous and self-generating form of energy


Love and Gratitude


Suzen speaks the truth and her knowledge is expansive and hard-earned. She has crafted a plan for me that centers on managing nutrition, minimizing exposure to environmental toxins, and practicing mindfulness – and to say it has been restorative would be an understatement. I’ve tried a lot in the last 10+ years and never before seen this kind of progress.   

Vanessa Cramer

I have a sense of peace and calmness that I haven't experienced in many years. At first I expected to go back to the anxiety, etc. and so there was this apprehension and doubt. But, as the days have turned into weeks and longer, I believe this is here to stay. As I'm sure you understand, this is the biggest blessing in my life today. I am learning more and more to live in the moment and not worry about what the next day, hour or minute will hold. Each day has it's own challenges, but I am handling them much better with time progressing.               Darline Daniels  


Suzen is compassionate and knowledgeable having walked the walk. Suzen is amazing with practical Insight in dealing with this sickness      Jimmy M.

Suzen's resilience in her own story is a gift for which I am thankful to have had the opportunity to be inspired by her knowledge and hope toward my recovery from neurological lyme disease.  I did not learn what she taught me anywhere else.  She opened up her kitchen demonstrated much needed nutritional support which was so important to recovery along with many other important detox methods. My daughters and I  will always remain thankful for her generous knowledge and heartfelt support, the precious gifts from Suszen   Staci O'Neil 

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Group Support

Group support is a beautiful way to assure continued success through mutual reinforcment of your new healthly lifestyle habits

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3 Month Mindset Strategy Program

If consistent support helps keep you in the flow of a smooth transition from the complexities of an unhealthy lifestyle into a self-empowered vibrant life with you in the driver's seat, then weekly sessions with Suzen will get you there with elegance and ease 

Speaking Engegements 

Suzen is available for speaking at group events and brings with her engaging and informative messages on a variety of health and wellness  topics

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