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Author of: The Gift of Lyme Disease and

A Healer's Journey to Healing Lyme    

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In choosing to work together our common goal will be your enhanced healthy lifestyle using practical cost-effective tips and tools from Mother Nature's common sense remedies

Cultivation and refinement of daily lifestyle habits and nutritional choices dictate either a build-up or tear-down of our life force  

Let's map out your personal strategy aimed at healing Lyme and a return to getting the most out of each joyful day

You Can Know All The Right Things To Do But If You Do Not Do Them In The Right Order - They Will Not Work

There is a gift in each struggle

Without the struggle of emergence from the chrysalis, the butterfly's wings would never develop to be strong enough to fly

Now is the perfect time to get that bounce back in your step and that sparkle back in your eyes

Put your health first by calling Suzen to schedule a complimentary breakthrough session and get your best self back in the Game of Life

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Real Therapy for Real Pain

I will instruct you and teach you In the way you should go; I will Counsel you and watch over you

Psalm 32:8

Suzen's Biography

Suzen is a pioneering multiple modality therapeutic healing practitioner

Her unique and extensive research and techniques have allowed her to discover the profound interdependent integrative nature between body, mind and spirit

Suzen reveals the simple accessible tools needed to heal an ailing humanity and has successfully assisted in healing conditions once thought incurable, irreversible, or unchangeable releasing individuals from life sentences of suffering

Through her studies in the United States, Czechoslovakia, China and Tibet, Suzen holds over thirty-three certifications in advanced healing in the fields of Licensed Massage Therapy; Colon-Hydro Therapy; Pastoral Counseling; Energetic & Holistic Healing; Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach; Detox and Regeneration Therapy Specialist 

You Are Worth It!

Being a healing spiritual catalyst Suzen cured herself of Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease and Co-Infections after the doctors reports stated she would never work again

Suzen is now dedicated to bringing hope and help to those still suffering with this debilitating chronic disease

Lyme is the activator paving the way for a new healing paradigm

 This new way of healing calls to those who believe the answer lies within their own power and are willing to do the work necessary for recovery 


Elite Master Coaching - Therapeutic Healing - Detox & Rejuvenation

Sometimes we need someone to listen to our stormy weather 

Sometimes we need a vibrational alignment  

Sometimes we take the Big Leap into Detox and Rejuvenation  

Let Suzen guide you there safely and back.

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Listen to Suzen share her health tips during her informative interview with Justin & Kate on EXTREME HEALTH RADIO.COM Show date to be announced in 2017

You are invited to our next scheduled LIVE Webinar. 
Topic: Marina Jacobi with Guest Suzen ChanTime: May 11, 2017 1:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Loving Testimonials

I have a sense of peace and calmness that I haven't experienced in many years. At first I expected to go back to the anxiety, etc. and so there was this apprehension and doubt. But, as the days have turned into weeks, I believe this is here to stay. As I'm sure you understand, this is the biggest blessing in my life today. I am learning more and more to live in the moment and not worry about what the next day, hour or minute will hold. Each day has it's own challenges, but I am handling them much better with time progressing.    Darline Daniels, FLA                    

Suzen is compassionate and knowledgeable having walked the walk.Suzen is amazing with practical Insight in dealing with this sickness      Jimmy M.

Susan's resilience in her own story is a gift for which I am thankful to have had the opportunity to be inspired by her knowledge and hope toward my recovery from neurological lyme disease.  I did not learn what she taught me anywhere else.  She opened up her kitchen demonstrated much needed nutritional support which was so important to recovery with many other important detox methods. My daughters and I  will always remain thankful for her generous knowledge and heartfelt support, the precious gifts from Susan    Staci O'Neil IBM Watson Health 

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Chronic Lyme Disease knows no bounds and absolutely impacts lives, families, careers, financial and emotional stability, leaving many in dire need

Suzen remembers when she lost everything due to her experience with Chronic Lyme Disease and as such works very hard to help those who ask to learn how their bodies can heal wholistically 

With your purchase of Suzen's new book on healing Lyme Disease you are kindly invited to a complimentary breakthrough session with Suzen

 Let's work together to get your life back on track

Your Health and Happiness Matter

Surrender for someone healing from a chronic illness is a state of being in a heart-centered space where there is no blame, no anger, and no war 

We know the benefits of changing the oil in our cars, we enjoy taking our vacations too, yet many put their health maintenance on the back square

Treat yourself with love and respect - for if you wear out your body - where will you live

Grace Beauty Wholeness and Balance

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Chronic Lyme Disease knows no bounds and absolutely impacts lives, families, careers, financial and emotional stability leaving many in dire need.  Suzen works tirelessly sharing her message of hope and healing with all who ask regardless of their ability to pay.  Your support will help Suzen continue to carry her message of healing to the more than 350,000 people a year struck down with Lyme Disease.   

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